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Dance Studio of Maine $8

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To register for a session of kids classes, please visit The Dance Studio of Maine website at  www.dancestudioofmaine.com

Monday -
Monday -


4:30 Zumba - (Courtney) Room 2  

5:00-ZUMBA TONING with light weights 1/2 Hour (Kelley) Room 1

5:30-ZUMBA  (Susan) Room 1

6:30 Bokwa Level 1 - Learn the Letters and numbers - (Susan)

  What is BOKWA?   Click HERE to see video




6:00- 7pm  - Hip Hop -Special Needs (April)




10:00 am - 11am Special Needs Movement for Adults  (April)

8:00 pm - 9pm  Jazz/Contemporary  - 12&up  (April)


10:30 ZUMBA Gold - Beginners and Low Impact- (Susan)

Noon Zumba - (Susan)

4:30 Zumba (Susan)

5:30  BOKWA Level 1 - 45 Minute Class (Susan)  Room 1

6:00 Zumba (Alison)  Room 2

6:15 LINE Dancing with Rich and Ruth Ann) Room 1












Noon Zumba (Stacy)

4:30 Zumba Toning with Light Weights -Hour Class (Shari)  Room 2

5:00 Zumba Toning with Light Weights (Shari)  Room 2

5:30 Zumba (Susan) Room 1

5:30 Zumba Beginners and Low Impact  (Shari)  Room 2

6:45 GET RIPPED - Zumba Toning with Light Weights Plus Overall Body Toning - (Patty )

6:35 Bokwa LEVEL 2- 




10:30  Bokwa Level One - Open to all (Susan)


5:00 Zumba Toning with Light Weights 1/2 Hour (Kelley)  Room 1

5:30-ZUMBA(Susan) Room 1

6:00-ZUMBA(ALISON)  Room 2

6:45  LIne Dancing - Mostly Non Country Music  (Susan) Room1

NEW CLASS!!!  Two Step Boot Camp April 17th, May 1st and May 15th with Anne Fleming

7-745 Basics with lots if drills and repetition

745-815 Pizza, Anne's famous salad and dessert break with music to practice

815-9 Beg/Inter Two Step Boot Camp Style

9 pm Dance and practice

$20 both lessons and dinner, dance$15 both lessons and dance$6 dance only



10:30-ZUMBA GOLD*Beginners and Low Impact(Susan)

4:30  Zumba Cardio Blast - 45 Minutes high intensity followed by

  1/2 hour Gentle Stretch -  bring a mat)  (Susan)








9:30-ZUMBA @ Happy Wheels(Susan)







9am -ZUMBA (Kelley)

3:00-ZUMBA (Courtney)