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Live Class Precautions

Join us for a socially distanced dance “Party” every Saturday!

The safety of our students is very important to us at Studio Fit. We think of your safety as we do our own and want to provide a service that is fun and safe. We are excited to get the chance to dance together once again! 

Thanks to the Cross Insurance Arena we will now

offer live classes inside every Saturday 9am-9:50

and 10:15- 11:05am. We have been given our own

private door which will be labeled “Zumba” which

is located on the corner of Spring and Center Street. 

Maximum capacity for class will be 50 people. Masks

are required while entering. All students will have

their forehead temperature taken as well as asked

covid related questions. Those who do not pass will

be refunded. We will have 10ft by 10ft squares

blocked off and each student will have a numbered cone to claim their square. This is so if you leave for the restroom you will keep your designated area. Once in your square you may choose to remove your mask but must reapply your mask when moving outside your area. 


Once class has finished, please exit promptly so we can have enough time to clean up for the next class. Cross Insurance Arena has a Clorox Sprayer in place that will be used before and after each class to sanitize all surfaces. Hand Sanitizer will be provided for our students. 


Cross Insurance has in place a ventilation system that can handle up to 8,800 people but we will only be having 50. With that, I feel confident in our safety while we dance together once again. 

Please bring your own identifiable water bottle or label any plastic bottles brought inside. 


We require you to register for live class ahead of time and make any changes to your reservation by 7:30am each Saturday. If you fail to cancel and do not show, you will still be charged for class. Overall, if you do not feel well please opt to stay home. We will be live streaming the class over zoom so you can enjoy the party from your living room.



In Person Class:

$20 per person or $10 for members

Zoom Live Stream Class:

$10 per person with no additional charge for members


Register here!

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